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About Us

Evoc Music  is a group of professionally trained musicians who all enjoy the art of music making.  

We bring together our combined talents to perform eclectic programmes of musical entertainment.  

Evoc offer a warm welcome to musicians, young and old, who would enjoy the experience of playing with a highly talented group playing from a library of music that is uniquely written, arranged and curated.

Stewart McCormack


Founded the Evoc Music Group in 1975 whilst serving with the Royal Engineers in Southwood Camp, Cove.  The name was the idea of Lt. Col. Stan Patch and is Cove spelt backwards!

Stewart started playing the flute as a boy and studied the flute at the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall.
Susan Looseley

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Susan studied music at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.  Her first study was Clarinet with Martin Ronchetti, Principal Clarinet of the BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra.  She is currently Principal Clarinet with the Dorking Philharmonia Orchestra and teaches full-time as Head of Music, Head of Year and Senior Mental Health Lead at a secondary school in Surrey.
David Crisp


David started playing the clarinet whilst at secondary school and has enjoyed playing with groups, large and small, ever since.
Marjorie Carrington
Marjorie has worked as a professional oboist  in orchestras both in the UK and Europe. 




Dr Lucy Abbott

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Lucy has always loved playing the clarinet, participating in orchestras whilst at University in London and now currently playing with the London Doctors' Orchestra.

Andy Cankett

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Andy is a passionate semi-pro musician who enjoys chamber music and bringing joy through the medium of music.  Studying under David Campbell, LRSM he has played for several local orchestras and wind bands as principal clarinettist.


Players Archive
Lynne French

Lynne studied bassoon at the Royal College of Music, London. 
Helen Taylor

Bassoon/Contra Bassoon

Helen is greatly enthusiastic about all things 'bassoon'!   She plays in a number of groups and enjoys participating in bassoon and double reed playdays.
Rose Tyler
Bass Clarinet

Rose teaches flute, clarinet and saxophone as well as playing in local wind bands.

Paul Maloney




Paul joined the British Army , with his brother, as a talented musician.  He was an enthusiastic oboe player and singer for all of his life.

Val Racklyeft


Val enjoys playing the clarinet and has spent a number of years passing on her skills to young people.

Tim Jones

French Horn

Tim played with Evoc for a number of years.  He was an active player within Surrey and Hampshire before moving to a different area.

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